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Hygiene is all about preserving good health promoting conditions and practices that keep you and your surroundings clean.

Good hygiene helps to prevent the spread of organisms that can cause disease. This helps decrease illness in society, as well as the consequences of illness such as suffering, lost productivity and lost income. Improvements in hygiene can be linked to increased life expectancy, decreased infant mortality and decreased incidence of infectious disease.

Maintaining good personal hygiene and living in clean surroundings can help you feel good about yourself about life in general.

Effective hygiene products, good hygiene practices and public sanitation measures work together to provide all of these benefits.

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The word "hygiene" has been traced to the Greek hygieinē - meaning "sound, healthy, or strong".1 Hygeia was the Greek goddess of health. Ancient Greek medicine had distinct branches: hygiene was distinct from therapeutics, the treatment of disease.1 Health expenditure in Australia in 2003-04 was estimated at over $78,500 million, roughly 9.7% of GDP. In other words, Australia spent an average of $3,900 per person on health.2
The death rate from infectious disease in Australia has fallen by 96% from 1908 to 2008.3
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