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A brief history of…THE TOOTHBRUSH

3000 BC: The first “toothbrush”? An early form of toothbrush was found in ancient Egyptian pyramids. It was a stick with one end flayed to soften the wood fibres.

1400s: The first “modern” toothbrush? The first precursor of the modern toothbrush was thought to come from China or Egypt in the 1400s. It had a bamboo or bone handle and bristles from the back of the neck of the wild boar, or from horsehair. This design spread to Europe.

Lightbulb  Developments towards the modern toothbrush

1844: The first 3-row brush was designed.

1938: Nylon bristles replaced hair, and were refined over time to become softer.

1939: The first electric toothbrush was designed.

1963-1998: Approximately 3000 toothbrush patents were filed worldwide! Innovations that have been retained in many present-day toothbrushes include angled bristles, angled handles and tongue-scrapers.


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How Australian pandemics have changed! The 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic caused over 10,000 deaths in Australia,14 whereas the 2009-10 H1N1 pandemic ("Swine Flu") caused 191 deaths.15 English knights were required to bathe at least once in their lives - during the ritual of their knighthood ceremony. Because of this tradition, during the reign of King Henry IV there originated an order called "Knights of the Bath".16 The term "shampoo" came from Indian language and originally meant "massage".17 English society ladies held vacuuming parties after invention of the horse-drawn electric vacuum in 1901.18
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