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Masculine hygiene – WHY?

Sweat, urine and excretions can lead to unpleasant odours and infection in the genital area if adequate hygiene is not practiced.

Uncircumcised men also need to be careful to prevent build-up of smegma, formed from dead skin and oily sebum, under the penis foreskin. Smegma is a natural lubricant and has protective function, but if allowed to accumulate it can harden, become bad-smelling due to off-gassing of microorganisms, and lead to infection.

Masculine hygiene –HOW?

Daily cleaning of the penis, scrotum and anus with water and a mild body cleanser, followed by rinsing and towel drying, will help avoid unpleasant odours and infection. Gently pulling back the foreskin and rinsing the area with warm water while showering should prevent build-up of smegma.

After urinating, the last few drops of urine can be shaken gently or wiped from the penis, and the anus should be wiped after each bowel movement.

Wearing breathable underwear is also important to help prevent growth of bacteria and fungi in the genital area. Wet or soiled underwear should be changed as soon as possible.

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The human body may be home to 10 times as many bacteria as human cells. Researchers believe the human body has over 500 bacterial species living in and on it.7 Trouble getting a date? 75% of women in a New York survey said they would only date a guy who showered daily.8   20-30% of handbags have faecal bacteria on the underside.22 In 2006, women spent an average of 54 minutes and men 43 minutes per day on personal hygiene.9
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