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Safety of hygiene products in Australia

Effective hygiene products and practices are essential to maintaining good standards of personal, home, public and industrial hygiene.

All cleaning and personal care products in Australia are regulated by a stringent and complex system spanning Federal, State & Territory and local jurisdictions. Regulation protects public, worker and environmental health. Further details on federal-level regulation can be found in the diagram below.

Federal-level regulation

A brief word on chemicals
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What's in it? An initiative of ACCORD

Accord, the advocate for the consumer, cosmetic, hygiene and specialty products industry has recently launched “What’s in it?”.

“What’s in it?” is a voluntary industry ingredient disclosure initiative for household cleaning products. This is not a safety initiative: all ingredients in household cleaning products are regulated as described above, and the products are safe to use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rather, the initiative recognises that increasingly consumers want to make informed choices about the products they use.

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Source 1: Brower, V.2008, "Back to Nature: Extinction of Medicinal Plants Threatens Drug Discovery", in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 100, No. 12, pp 838-839.

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Disease-causing organisms are called "pathogens".
A study showed that a virus spread from the office doorknob to 40-60% of workers and visitors within 2-4 hours!4 The healthy skin releases approximately 10 million particles a day, with 1 million of these containing viable bacteria.5 The flu virus can survive and cause human infection for 2 to 8 hours after being deposited on a surface.6
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