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History of Hygiene
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History of Hygiene

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Public SanitationFood HygieneLaundryHome HygieneDeath (Epidemic Style)
Hospitals and HealthcareBathingSkin CareHair RemovalDeodorant
Hair CareGlass CleanerSoapToiletsToilet Paper
DetergentBleachToothbrushDental FlossToothpaste

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How Australian pandemics have changed! The 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic caused over 10,000 deaths in Australia,14 whereas the 2009-10 H1N1 pandemic ("Swine Flu") caused 191 deaths.15 English knights were required to bathe at least once in their lives - during the ritual of their knighthood ceremony. Because of this tradition, during the reign of King Henry IV there originated an order called "Knights of the Bath".16 The term "shampoo" came from Indian language and originally meant "massage".17 English society ladies held vacuuming parties after invention of the horse-drawn electric vacuum in 1901.18
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